Lucy in the News

Lucy in the Sky is a magical fantasy shop do has been in existence for over 10 yews. It is a mix between Disneyland, Wizard of Oz Star We & and a sprinkle of Garfield. It is a place to let children be children and adults heal or replenish their inner child

I asked Lucy, "How do you do a child's hair while they are squirming around?" She responds "I cut hair in motion. I move with them. Every snip is a miracle. I have been known to crawl on the floor, following them when necessary."

All she asks for this miracle is $10 and a can food for "Project Understanding" which is a nonprofit organization that helps the homeless in Ventura.

I asked her why she hasn't raised her prices for over 9 years? She said, "Because I want as many children as possible to share in this fantasy, rich Poor. We all need to do everything possible For the children. They are the recorders of the future."

Included in the price of admission, your "E" ticket includes "everything under the sun", a variety of toys for every age, Sega on a big Screen TV, videos, toys, toys, and more toys.

When the hair cut experience is over, it doesn't mean that the magic is. Everyone receives a balloon, candy and a special stamp it permission is granted by the parents.

Leaving with a smile is always a good thing The most important thing to Lucy is helping children with special needs.

Lucy in the Sky never turns children away. If her help is needed, she grants it gladly give Lucy a call at 805-652-1988.