Lucy's Thank Yous

Dear Lucy in the Sky,

Thank you for your donation to the 1995 Community Presbyterian Preschool Auction.  The auction was a great success due to the generous contributors such as yourself.  The funds you have helped raise will go towards our scholarship fund so that we may offer the benefits of our accredited preschool program to children who would otherwise be unable to attend.  These children and the entire 1995 CPC Fundraising Committee join me in extending our gratitude and appreciation.

Sincerely,  Joan Regan, Director, Community Presbyterian Preschool

Dear Lucy,

Thank you very much for donating the Three Free Lucy in the the Sky Haircuts to Blanche Reynold's Pumpkin Moon Faire.  This year we plan to sell far more raffle tickets than the 4,000 sold last year.  We're very grateful for your interest in our cause.

Sincerely, Cathy Allgood, For the Open Education Parents Association

Dear Lucy,

a much belated thank you for Lorenzo's first little-boy-hair-cut!  It was a hit at his baptism and still looks great 2 months later.  You are a true talent! 

Best Wishes-Love, Shelly, James & Lorenzo Lizardi (from Altadena)

Dear Lucy,

You're not only good at what you do, you are just so good!!  Thanks for honoring children; continuing to draw out the child in all of us.

Shirley, Peter, Dillon & Noah

Dear Lucy,

  I'm told that there are angels,
  In heaven and on earth,
  Who spend time spreading sunshine,
  With Happiness & mirth.

  I'm told that they do many things-
  Some stories are so juicy,
  But the only angel I know
  Is one who's name is Lucy!

Thank you for being patient with me when you give me a hair cut.  Mathew Soto :)

Dear Lucy,

Thanks so much for coming to my party.  I just know that all the kids really loved your balloons and face painting and all the other cool stuff.

And thanks for helping to make my Birthday so great!

love, Skylar