Whoooooo's Purpllicious?

Just a clown.
What kind of clown?
A mix between "The Pied Piper" and "Mother Goose."
Not a scary clown.
A magical purple clowness who begins with a rather large trough of bubbles for the children to play with.  Then balloon hats, balloon animals, yipeeee!  Next a parachute including games.  (limo, etc.) 
A small magic show, then right on to face painting. 
Only $187 for two  hours!

  "You know when the party is a success," said Lucy, "when the children follow you to your car and are waving to you with tears on their little faces, for we have touched on another's hearts and so it is an official good day!"

Any clown stories Purpllicious?  Yup!

"Went to a clown gig a while back.  Children were three years old.  I kept saying "for Pete's sake!" but they could not say it, so instead they said "For Pizza Cake!"  The rest of the party we said "for Pizza Cake!"   What fun!  Next, birthday party I went to that day, I decided; instead of "for Pete's sake" to just say "For Pizza Cake" since it was another three year old party again.  So, the phrase that day was officially "For Pizza Cake!" then clown angels had some fun with me.  This little three year old came up to me and handed me a piece of pizza on a piece of cake.  For Pizza Cake I was forced to eat my own world honorably!"  Clown Chakra wide open, smiles to all,

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