It's a Great Idea!

Donna Stevens and her magical zebra "Spirit" would love to visit the Santa Barbara Zoo for "Zebra Day" once a month.  Donna would gladly sit and talk to any child who had any questions concerning zebras.  Donna is well educated in her field.

  Having a zebra at the zoo would be a great memory for the children.  Especially since there are only two to four thousand left in the wild and two to four thousand left in captivity.  Who knows may our children can fall in love with that magical zebra energy.  Herds could grow.  Things could shift in a positive direction for zebras.  So many different types of zebras are extinct now.  Why not change the current into our children's favor?

  Lucy in the Sky (Children's Fantasy Haircutting Shop for 14 years now) has been working on this "Big Zebra Caper" for quite a while now.  Lucy is trying to do something for our children before going in solitude on a Vision Quest for 40 days into Maui for the Millennium.  When asked what three wishes she would desire for the millennium, Lucy quickly replied:

  1) Smooth transition for the millennium.

  2) That famous retired mathematical professor "Jim Loomis" would finish writing his book, then publish it.  This book would definitely help mankind!

  3) for Mr. Allan Varcin, of the San Barbara Zoo, to open his heart and allow "Spirit" to visit the Zoo once a month and make children smile...

  Perhaps the gracious lady who gave the property to the Zoo (Mrs. Childs) would have liked the idea.

  Lucy is hoping that if children would please draw a picture of a zebra and send it to the Zoo, then maybe, just maybe, Allan Varcin would open up his heart and say, "Yes! Yes! Let's allow the children to have a zebra at the magical mystical Santa Barbara Zoo."

  For children are the teachers, we are merely the students.

  Call the Santa Barbara Zoo at (805) 962-6310 and expect a miracle!

L.I.T.S. (Agent of Mercy)