ZEBRA Angels

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            But, alas, Lucy's Plan A is not working out. You see Alan Varcik, the zoo's General Curator has told Lucy they do not have enough room.

Not one to be easily discouraged, Lucy in the Sky is moving to Plan B. She is now talking with Alan Varcik about hiring Donna Stevens, owner of the zebra "Spirit." Once a month Donna would love to come to the Santa Barbara Zoo and educate the children about zebras bringing, of course, her one-year-old friendly zebra, Spirit.

Why the Santa Barbara Zoo could even have an official Zebra Day in Spirit's honor. Everybody could wear their stripes on Zebra Day! With everyone's help, prayers and good wishes the Zeeber could really be coming to town. Lucy hopes that Mr. Alan Varcik will believe in this idea about children being allowed to see the friendly zebra once a month at the Santa Barbara Zoo.

  Otherwise, Lucy in the Sky will need to move on to Plan Z.  That would be taking her long list of customers and saying the word "Yes" on her purple hot-line phone. Then they would all visit Mr. Alan Varcik, and the Santa-Barbara Zoo, to help make the dream of the children having  the opportunity to have a zebra experience become a reality.

            Lucy in the Sky feels that the Santa Barbara Zoo needs to remove the Z from Zoo and can call themselves the Santa Barbara "oo" until they compromise and allow the children  to have a "zebra experience."
thank you, 
Calling all zebra angels for help,
           Lucy in the Sky

            PS. We took Spirit the Zebra trick or treatin' for Halloween. He got candy carrots and we got candy. Zipeee what fun!
Lucy in the Sky,
Oak View and Ventura