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LUCY IN THE SKY just received a $1400 rent increase . So in such short notice it forced me to have to close my doors. July 10 my birthday 2018 in the sky  fantasy haircutting shop.  In same location  for 38 years. Third generation children. 😃🎩👌⭐️ is closed  🌦...................................Had  to move so fast I did not have a plan  B.  ️LUCY IN THE SKY‘s number is  805-652-1988👌 Apologize   For the inconvenience of it all. Life happens. Love everyone ever so much. And am  so grateful for all the memories. Leave your number if you wish for me to let you know when I have a Plan B. For pizza cake ... Love from Lucy Emma sky

I hope this journey is a good one for all of us.  The reason I am on this planet is for the children.  Why did I create this vision for the "Lucy in the Sky" shop?  So that children may be allowed to be children and so that parents realize that it is a very stressed out world and sometimes you just need to reach that primary level and be a kid, lighten up!!!!  Healer?  Nope, just a "Life Enhancer/Intent Compassionist" that cuts hair in motion. Many smiles to all,  
Lucy in the Sky



 Haircut or Halloween?


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Lucy in the Sky making bubbles for the children.

Ventura County Fair Parade 1987 2nd Place
Lucy IS the float, the Pied Piper is a lady. 14' high on a U-Haul trailer. "It was almost my last wave, I was overwhelmed by Carbon Monoxide fumes from the vehicles in the parade, however, the Clown Angels were double parked and I survived."

Lucy in the Sky at Universal Studios seeing life in a good way.

Lucy's Paper Mache Tree on Fir St.!

Has anybody seen a Pink Elephant?  Click on the elephant to read about Lucy's 1st Place Float!

 Lisa & Lucy at the B-52's Concert!  Photo by Lindsay Hutchens



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